The Best Assisted Living Services for the Elderly and Alzheimer’s / Dementia Patients


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Providing Alzheimer’s Care Since 1985

25 years of experience in Dementia / Alzheimer’s Patient care

Experienced with Difficult Behaviors
Wandering, Combativeness, Hallucination, Frustration, Depression, Confusion, Sundown Syndromes

Medical Services Coordination
• Physician- Dr Sai, Dr. Patel (Kaiser), Dr. Hirsch
• Psychiatrists – Dr. Jacob, Dr. Kho
• Podiatrist – Dr. Todd Schafer (Bi-monthly or as required)
• Pharmacy – Plaza pharmacy
• Physical Therapy, Hospice, Registered Nurse – as per Dr. order

Custom-designed & Newly constructed facility addresses unique
needs of Alzheimer’s patients:

• Wandering • Depression • Sundown

Locked Perimeter
Indoor–Outdoor Access without loud startling alarm – Balance between Safety and Freedom

No Physical Restraint
100% Patient Population Without Physical Restraint

Minimum Psychotropic Medication
Most of our residents are not Chemically Restrained

Experienced Staff
Many staff with more than 5 years with us - Low turn over ratio

Loving and Affectionate Staffing
works from heart – they care

Bathing & Grooming
Daily bathing deters other skin problems and allows quick actions if any problem

We feed residents, it may take 30-45 minutes each meal

Fun & Stimulating Activity
Residents enjoy daily exercise, games, music, & events with family.

Care to All stages of Alzheimer’s
Accepts Early Stages through Hospice Care

Short-Term Care
Respite Care at the Mountain View or In-Home care at your home for days, weeks or months

Inclusive Price Structure
Reasonable, Cost-effective Rate Schedule

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