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Mountain View Centers

715 W. Baseline Road, Claremont, CA 91711
License # 197801605

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Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care
Medi-Cal – ALWP

MOUNTAIN VIEW CENTERS has been a recognized and respected name in Alzheimer’s care since 1997, specializing in meeting the physical and emotional needs of Alzheimer’s patients and families.

Mountain View Centers' awareness of developments in the Alzheimer’s field is constantly updated, and respected for the approach to behavior management. Gentle and encouraging personalized care for residents is implemented by an expert team of caregivers experienced in geriatric and dementia care.

Pets are Welcome

"As a former resident of Claremont, and one who still feels strong ties to the city, I believe that Mountain View Alzheimer’s Center is a positive addition."

"Mountain View Alzheimer’s Center’s atmosphere is bright, cheerful, has a great activities program and high standards for care of our loved ones."

"One of the things that impressed me was that residents are not sedated simply for the convenience of the caretakers. In fact the opposite is true: I find the residents participating in activities, field trips, and walks around the neighborhood as much as they are physically able."


For more information, please call (888) 533-6633. We can help.

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